Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mobile Home Community Water Leak Detection and Repair

Mobile home communities often find that the money they are collecting for utilities from the residents are not covering the costs of the utility bills. The electric bill has not changed more than typical rate increases. The gas bill has not changed more than typical rate increases. The water bill on the other hand has doubled, tripled or gone up even more. These are not costs you can pass along to the residents of your community. The bills do not ever go down; they increase in leaps and bounds month after month. Metering all of the individual lots will help a mobile home community to know how much water the community is losing and how much water a single lot is losing. The resident may be responsible for the single lot, and the remaining lost water is from the water mains throughout the neighborhood. A leak detection company like United Leak Detection, Inc. will find leaks in water mains in the community, and often can help to provide repair solutions in a cost-effective manner. By helping to negotiate with the water service providers and utility companies, United Leak Detection can not only save money going forward, but often can help to credit water bills that the community has already received. The expertise of the water professionals at United Leak Detection is second to none when it comes to saving a mobile home community money! Once a neighborhood decides that high water bills need to become a thing of the past, call United Leak Detection at (888)422-5325 so that they can start working with you to get your utility bills under control.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010